Tuesday, August 10, 2010

first bouquet!

So I received a special request from a lovely bride in Australia a few months ago, asking if I could design her bridal bouquet and head wreath. I have made small nosegays in the past, but this is my first attempt at a full nosegay bouquet. I am really, really happy with it (and so is the bride, yayy!!!). What do you think? Should I offer bouquets in my shop now??

It is made of roses, lilies, babies breath, pink wild flowers, forget-me-nots, and the stem is wrapped in a piece of antique lace. I dotted the top and bottom with tiny pearls, and tucked lace pieces and pearls into the petals of the bigger flowers too. It took many hours to make, probably because I am WAY too much of a perfectionist, and every stem and flower had to be wired together just right!!


Tiffany said...

gorgeous! Yes, list bouquets in your shop, especially ones that match your current items :)

Amanda said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!!! When I first found your shop I wondered if you'd do bouquets, shame I'm in the UK :(


very beautiful and gorgeous