Saturday, September 26, 2009

sweet tooth

On my way home from the mall today I took a detour to my favorite grocery store to grab some sweets. Normally I wouldn't mention it, though my dentist made me feel guilty about my eating habits, and this is sort of a public confession...except I'm not really confessing! Oh dear :X

So after I slunk in the front door, and ran for the candy aisle and began scooping like a mad-woman (ok not really), these two whiney kids see me and fly at the open canisters and begin stuffing candies in their mouths.

I felt this indescribable feeling of guilt, dismay, and angst at their sorrow when their mother yanked them away, while *I* stood there shame-facedly clutching three bags of sweets and my other hand still holding the spoon. What's a kid to do when they make everything so freakin' cute and delicious??!


el reino encantado de Casiopea said...

Ups!!! I love this kind of sweets as well... Do you know that my little Bee is happy at home? She sends you compliments!

thehoneycomb said...

heheh awww I'm so glad you like the little bee!! you should send me a pic of you wearing it and i'll post it :)