Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just LOOK at what I found in my porch tonight! Three baby squirrels were abandoned inside my porch while I was at school. I came home and heard the most pitiful crying sound, and nearly squashed these little guys when I opened the back door. Poor lil guys, their eyes were sealed shut and laying on the cold concrete :(( Looking up a tree I saw the most ENORMOUS nest, I can only guess that they fell out and mamma-squirrel brought them to the door for shelter. So tonight I ran to the pet store, got some feeding advice, and am supposed to feed them every two hours until I can contact a rescue center in the morning. They've just had their first feeding, and are getting on nicely... bellies all round and fat like we like 'em :)) They keep curling up into darling little balls with their noses between the legs...awww! They are back outside on the porch tonight, curled up in a massive towel until a) their mamma comes to get them overnight, or b) I bring them to the rescue center tomorrow!

all in a days work, eh? :)

This little one was a squirmy live-wire...look how he hangs onto the bottle with his claws!


Amy und Alex said...

Oh my goodness!
That is so adorable!!
Take good care of those little guys!! <3 <3
-Mrs. A

Serene said...

They are indeed adorable! It's great you're caring for them!