Monday, May 24, 2010

my 25th birthday!

So the 22nd was my birthday (25, eeep! I'm getting so old) so my sister and I headed to historic St. Charles MO to spend the day! Originally we heard there was a 19th century festival going on, which turned out to be little more than a few booths (lol) so we had lunch on the balcony of Lewis and Clark restaurant near the river, and spent a good five hours walking up and down the cobblestone streets checking out all the amazing/adorable/old-fashioned boutique shops and even a few bars!

It was my first time to visit, and I found the most amazing, unique little trinkets and 'stuff', but most importantly I bought these adorable Vera Bradley accessories, and a good deal of extra things like delicious smelling soaps, jewelry, and handmade snacks!! YUMMMY!! The owner of the Vera shop was laughing at me as I tripped over myself to see all the new inventory (truly the fullest collection I had EVER seen, I think I went a bit nutty with excitement)!


The final stop was at a small wine shop where we bought a $14.99 bottle of raspberry wine, and headed down to sit on the river bank while the sun went down....all in all, a perfect 25th birthday with my awesome, beautiful sister :)

We decided to take some "artistic" photos...the bloopers were pretty funny though :) This is my sister Beth.

Most people say that they don't notice a "new" feeling when they have a birthday, but I definitely did this time, is that weird? =/

All in all it's been a year of growing, making friends (and mistakes), always carrying on. This year I somehow feel like at last my life is going the direction I want it to though, and that is a relieving feeling! One more semester to graduation, then graphic design internship, full-time job, and of course: etsy! <3 Thank you for taking the time to share a little slice of my life! HAPPY SUMMER everybody!

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