Sunday, November 1, 2009

art and autumn

I say this every autumn, but it feels particularly true this year! and I probably say that too each time..oh well. I could never live in a Florida or California! Love vacationing there, could never live there. I simply adore the seasons, and the feeling of time passing - I need those psychological markers of moving forward, looking back, anticipation for what is next. I love the feeling of transition.

Last Sunday my mom, brother, and I headed off to the St. Louis Art museum for a Japanese art exhibit. Yay!! I am so drawn to Japanese art; I feel this indescribable connection to the detailed foliage, sprawling landscapes and love of poetry.

Walked around enjoying the! :) I bought this new woolly vest and pumpkin colored shirt the day before. Love love love these colors!

The 1904 World's Fair lagoon

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Hosanna said...

Hi. I stumbled upon your Etsy shop while browsing the site and was smitten. IF ONLY I had known about this when I planned my woodland, vintage style wedding two years ago!
As it was, all I did was stick some pink roses in my hair. Oh well.
I love your designs! I will recommend to everyone I know who needs this kind of accessory!