Saturday, August 1, 2009

crowning glory

I keep staring at this photo and alternating between awe, admiration, and disbelief...I wonder how make hair combs that would take to stay up?

What do you think folks...should I grow it this long? :-D

I found it here.


Anonymous said...

Wow thats long! I think when I was younger ,I always wanted hair that long. I wanted to look like Princess Jasmine. But, even the medium length hair I have now, is a bit of a task!

Good luck to you. You should start a hair journal! :)

thehoneycomb said...

I know, the upkeep would be really hard :((( can you imagine trying to shower with that curtain of hair?!!

a hair journal...well considering that mine grows unbelievably SLOW those pages would take forever to get filled! It is kind of fun though to track how long it gets over time through Etsy photos tho :)

Lyndsay @ LouLouBell said...

Oh good grief, it must have taken forever to grow this long, can you imagine having to take care of it?! Washing it, brushing it.... eek!

foreverinbloom said...

That's a bit much, but I applaud her for her patience. Imagine running away from a swarm of bees...she could do a pirouette as her hair fans about her and catch a couple in her tamed "nest". Instant hair accessories ;) Mind you, if they manage to unhinge themselves that might cause a wee bit of a problem.