Wednesday, July 15, 2009

as time goes by

For hundreds of years flowers have been a popular ornament for ladies hair. Today the designs are timeless, re-created in present day only via inspiration from the past. What is old can be made new again, with a nod to designers who had it all figured out hundreds of years ago! As simple as reaching up to pull a branch down, plucking the flowers from their growing place, and tucking the blossoms, twigs, and leaves between strands of hair. How utterly romantic - yet unoriginal - natural and beautiful! Such a great part of every woman's instinct, don't you think? :)

I am excited to share some really neat antique engravings from my personal resource collection!

These are from the pages of some old Harper's Bazaar and Peterson's magazines, hundred-year-old engravings with floral combs and wreaths that are as timeless today as they were then... I hope you'll enjoy! Click the bottom two for bigger views!



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